Student Club named Lugar Energy Patriot

Carmel GreenLightsThe Green Lights Club at Carmel High School called on neighborhoods to ‘green-up’ for Earth Day 2010 by switching their post lights to a compact florescent light. These dusk-to-dawn lights are on all night long and are used for over 4,250 hours every year. Switching to a CFL can save homeowners $20 per year and reduce their carbon footprint by 400 pounds annually. Five switched post lights would add up to 2,000 pounds or 1 ton of CO2 emissions saved.

The club's leader, Ben Webb, junior at CHS said "When we began the program, we wanted students and neighbors to understand they could literally make a ton of difference."   Club managers include Renee Wellmen, Tim Wellman, Eric Chen, Davika Chakrabarti and Jeremy Weprich.  Student members include Luke Boehnlein, Katie Clark, Warren Coole, Charlie Dankert, Larua Deluca, Harrison Kim, Sara Levine, Nathalia Melo, Ali Michel, Morgan Roberston, and Meghan Rogers.  Brandy Yost served as faculty sponsor for the club and  teaches biology at Carmel High School.

In the weeks leading up to Earth Day, students earned community service credit by reaching out to neighbors to save energy.  The club encouraged 105 homeowners in 44 Carmel neighborhoods to make the switch!  This collective action adds up to $2,100 annual savings in energy bills.  It also reduces pollution by 105,000 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions over the life of the bulbs.  The club received $500 from the Carmel Green Teens Micro-grant program to fund the project.

The Green Lights Club was named a Lugar Energy Patriot for their creative work on energy conservation.  Senator Lugar profiles a student, professional, scholar or member of the business community who has demonstrated leadership and initiative in taking concrete action to improve America's energy security.

The Carmel Clay Schools Board of Education recognized the club with an award of commendation.

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