Join us at Rock the District

Saturday, July 24th from Noon to 9 pm at the Arts & Design District.

Be sure to visit our booth (located on Main, west of the Monon) where you can enter for a chance to win eco-friendly prizes.   We’ll also have an update on city-wide curbside trash and recycling and more.   Special thanks to our eco-raffle sponsors: Whole Foods Markets and Thermo-Scan Inspections.

Raffle Prizes

  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Whole Foods- Are you addicted to bottled water? If you schlep a 24-pak home every week, it adds up to over 1,200 plastic bottles a year.  That’s a lot of money for water that’s not as well regulated as the tap.  It’s also a lot of oil! According to the EPA, the total estimated energy needed to make, transport, and dispose of one plastic bottle of water is equivalent to filling the same bottle one-quarter full of oil!  If you’ve got a drinking problem, maybe it’s time to kick the habit with a really cool water bottle.  Please note: in order for a stainless steel bottle to have a lower carbon footprint than plastic, you have to offset over 500 plastic bottles.   Read more

  • Home Energy Audit from Thermo-Scan Inspections Are you ready to take the next big step to going green?  Is your home air-tight?  Do you have enough insulation? Is the HVAC airflow system balanced?  Do you have any serious energy hogs?  Thermo-Scan will help you identify ways to save energy and save money.  Estimated value $300.

Hope to see you there!