Green Policies

Keep abreast of policies that impact the quality of life and sustainability of our community.  The legislative process is complex and can be intimidating.  Here, we try to simplify it for you and keep you up-to-date.

Carmel Green Initiative is non-partisan. We believe in working with all entities, parties and organizations to promote policies that meet the energy and climate challenge.

At home, school and work, Hoosiers are making an effort to live lightly, use resources wisely to save money, energy and protect the environment.  Our collective actions add up, but the scale and speed of ongoing energy and climate changes call for bold green policies.

Indiana has a special challenge.  In 2007, Forbe's ranked each state in six equally weighted categories:  carbon footprint, air quality, water quality, hazardous waste management, policy initiatives and energy consumption.  Indiana was ranked the 49th greenest state in America.

"... Much the same as West Virginia, Indiana received across the board low marks. It had the sixth highest carbon footprint of any state, and four of its metro areas are listed by the American Lung Association as having bad smog problems, and one with an ozone pollution problem. We ranked its water quality worse than only four other states, using PIRG data."   Forbe's

According to Forbe's, Indiana suffers from "a mix of toxic waste, lots of pollution and consumption and no clear plans to do anything about it."  We believe we can do something about it through bold green legislation at the state and federal level.  We believe Hoosiers can make a difference.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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