Earth Hour 2012

On Saturday, March 31, 2012, Carmel joined cities around the world to conserve energy and turn off the lights on pollution. By taking part in this global 'lights out' event, Carmel acknowledges its commitment to actions that benefit the planet in the year ahead.

The City of Carmel  participated by turning out all of the lights in and around City Hall as it has for the past two years and encourages residents and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights, computers, cars and other electronic to conserve our energy resources.  For more information on Earth Hour, visit View proclamation .




Carmel Students Participate
in Earth Hour - Earth Day Art Contest

Over 300 Carmel area youth from 7 Carmel Clay Schools and 4 Carmel Girl Scout Troops participated in the 2012 Earth Hour - Earth Day art contest to learn about energy conservation and earth stewardship.  The artwork featured here was selected for its message on energy conservation. 
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Girl Scout Troops  Participate
in Girl Scouts Foerever Green Earth Hour

The Girl Scouts of Central Indiana will be participating in the National Girl Scouts Forever Green Earth Hour campaign.
Way to go, girls!


Earth Hour Becomes Unstoppable as
Social Media Fuels Passion to Save the Planet

The global community has come out in force for Earth Hour as social media has energized and inspired communities across the Middle East, Africa and Europe to unite for a common cause – the protection of the planet.

From former war-torn countries to the great cities of Europe, Earth Hour is being celebrated by all walks of life as it offers an hour of inspiration to change our future to one that is sustainable.

As ESA Astronaut Andre Kuipers is watching over Earth from the International Space Station, using Twitter to share photos of areas under threat like the Amazon, Nelson Mandela, the Former President of South Africa tweeted, "Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet" #NelsonMandela #EarthHour”.

Facebook has been used to coordinate Earth Hour in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq as well as in Libya’s capital Tripoli, which was run by nineteen-year-old Mohammad Nattah and Muhammad Bugashata.

Earth Hour celebrations were held at the Red Saraya Museum and Martyrs' Square - the site where thousands of men, women, and children celebrated the end of the Qaddafi regime. With the help of the local scout team, Libya's second biggest city Benghazi also took part with lights turning off at Al Daawa al-Islamiyah Trade building, Tebisty Hotel and Keash Square.

Thousands of I Will If You Will challenges have been made since Earth Hour’s journey across the globe began in South Pacific Island of Samoa just over 12 hours ago. More than 100,000 individuals have already promised to adopt sustainability practices by accepting the challenges on YouTube and Facebook.

“From Beijing to Berlin, from Singapore to San Francisco, people are turning out their lights tonight to signal their concern about the future of our life on this earth,” said WWF International Director General Jim Leape, speaking from a pedal powered concert in the shadow of Castel Sant’Angelo as famous landmarks in Rome and the Vatican went dark for Ora Della Terra celebrations.

“This is a night when we come together as single global community demanding action and committing ourselves to act in our own lives. So it is a symbol tonight, but it is also a dedication to each of us taking action to do what we can do to help make life more sustainable on this planet.”

“Social media is not just connecting the world but is becoming the primary organizing tool for citizens to take action. People from over 150 countries across the globe are harnessing the power of online platforms to physically care for the future of the planet,” Earth Hour Co-Founder and Executive Director, Andy Ridley said.

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