2011 Art Contest Winners
Many thanks to Beth Maier for all these wonderful photographs!

We are honored to have Mayor Jim Brainard and Bob Yull join us and grateful for all they’re doing to save energy at school and in our city.  Mr. Yull has been the Energy Manager at Carmel Clay Schools for the past 16 years and has worked on various programs to save energy.  According to Yull, these programs have helped prevent the emission of 88,000 tons of CO2 and reduced energy cost by $11 million.  Student's Earth Day artwork will be used as a part of a new Energy Action program in which students monitor use of lighting and computers.  During his administration, Mayor Jim Brainard has implemented a wide range of energy efficiency measures including a fleet of hybrid cars, a no idle policy for city vehicles, the roundabouts, LED street lights, and much more.  We are delighted that U.S. Senator  Richard Lugar provided a global perspective to our local energy conservation efforts!  Click here to view the letter from Senator Lugar .

Thanks to all students for their inspiring artwork. Congratulations to the finalist of the 2011 Earth Hour-Earth Day Art Contest!  From the over 1,250 entries received, the following were chosen as grade level winners.  Many thanks to our judges for so graciously sharing their time and expertise.


Here's what the finalist said about their artwork....


Kindergarten finalist, Leah K. from Carmel Elementary said her artwork
is about "planting trees because it will help the environment."

First grade finalist, Iszabel C. from Towne Meadow said
her artwork is about things she loves like flowers and butterflies,
and "if we don't take care of our world, the earth will
not be a good place to live."

Second grade finalist, Trevor K. from Towne Meadow said
he wants his artwork to "inspire the Earth to make a
better choice by saving energy now."

Third grade finalist, Evelyn C. from Carmel Elementary said  “I believe
saving energy and protecting the planet are important because people,
animals, and plants get food and water from the Earth.  We only have
one Earth, so we should share it and take care of it.”

Fourth grade finalist Meenakshi S. from Carmel Elementary said
“I believe saving energy and protecting the planet are important so
we don’t run out of energy.  When people see my artwork, I want
them to notice how these ideas can save our earth.”
Fifth grade finalist Frederik K. from Carmel Elementary was
inspired by “things that use energy that somewhat look like letters.”
and believes saving energy is important because "energy create pollution,
which creates climate change, which then important animals die."
6th grade finalist Dhakshesh K. from Carmel Middle said
“Saving energy and protecting the planet are important because
we want to keep our planet looking great for those who come after us.
If we don’t try and protect our planet in its time of need, it may not
be there when we need it the most.…Let’s help our planet.”
Seventh grade finalist Susi Peredo from Our Lady of Mount Carmel
said "When people see my artwork, the message I want them to get
is that it is better to enjoy nature outdoors instead of sitting inside wasting
energy.  I believe saving energy and protecting the planet are important
because if we do not, then the future generations will live in the
gunk we leave behind.”
Eigth grade finalist Kelli R.from Carmel Middle said “I believe saving
energy and protecting the planet are important because our earth has
provided us with so many things, and I think it’s good to give back.”
Congratuations to all students.  We're grateful to the greater community for all you’ve done to make this so much fun.  We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to the art teachers, and teachers, the green teams, parents, and youth leaders who learned about our program and shared it with their students.  Thank you for inspiring our youth to become more environmentally aware and energy conscious.  A huge thank you to dedicated volunteers for giving of your time and talent: Alexia Donahue-Wold, Dennis Shock, Beth Maier, Monica Cannaley, Meredith Bennett, Karen Otis, Patty Chester, Jeff Webb, Ben Webb and Erin Webb.  You made this a fun and creative educational experience for our community.  Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Buther for allowing us to use their newly renovated building on Rangeline Rd. for the recognition ceremony.


We are especially grateful for the support from our partners, sponsors and supporters: Earth Day Network, the Carmel Arts & Design District, the City of Carmel, the Carmel Arts Council, the Evan Lurie Gallery, Whole Foods Market, Nature’s Karma of Clay Terrace, Beth Maier Photography, Eye on Art Gallery, Citizens for Greenspace, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation, Joe’s Butcher Shop, Carmel Clay Schools, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Marie Reamer Fine Art Photographer and the World Wildlife Fund.  We appreciate your guidance, assistance and inspiration!

Raising awareness about earth stewardship and energy conservation through art was made possible thanks to everyone’s generous contributions.   Together, we’re building a more beautiful, healthier and sustainable community.

* * *