Solar Contest

Thanks to everyone who voted and for getting the word out!
We were so close! Carmel was in the lead during the last few days of the contest, and then Jireh Sports cranked up the votes in the final hours and won.  They will enjoy an awesome solar panel at their facility in Indianapolis.

Contest is over

We were trying to win a solar power education unit for a community service project. This is a great way for everyone in our community to learn about the powerful benefits of clean, renewable, green solar power.

Last Fall, we helped organize the 2010 Indy Solar Tour at the Cook Creek Nature Center. It was a great opportunity to learn about solar systems.  But with this mobile solar unit the "Solar Tour" would come to your school, congregation, business or community group.

We believe this hands-on solar power unit that people can see and touch will be a powerful teaching tool for our community and would benefit everyone in Carmel.

In April, we hosted the Celebrating Earth Day through Art Contest to raise awareness about energy conservation and earth stewardship. It had over 1,250 participants. Students learned about the benefits of saving energy. And they also learned about the benefits of using renewable energy, driving less, planting trees, and recycling, and how these actions protect the environment for everyone.

Several of the student’s artwork featured renewable energy.  Our goal is to spark your imagination about the possibilities of abundant, homegrown solar energy with this hands-on solar demonstration unit.

With gratitude,
Leslie Webb