City Water, drought

Summer 2011

High Temps and Lack of Rain create unusually high Water Demand

July 20, 2011 - Carmel Utilities has temporarily suspended water softening and is asking for customers help in reducing water demand.

The current high temperatures and lack of rain has created unusually high demands for water, both for Carmel Utilities and for other water utilities across Central Indiana.  Unfortunately there is no relief in sight from these hot weather conditions.

In our effort to maintain sufficient water pressure for our customers and to ensure adequate fire protection, Carmel Utilities has temporarily suspended the softening of water.   This means you may see spots on your dishes or other items that come in contact with water such as showers and sinks.

In addition to the suspension of softening, Carmel Utilities is asking that all customers be judicious in their use of water, particularly in watering lawns and native landscape plants.   Turf grass and native plantings are very resilient to dry conditions.   They can go for longer periods of time without water than what is commonly believed.  Each resident is asked to evaluate their individual landscape and lawn situation to determine the appropriate amount of watering needed.

Carmel Utilities has the following recommendations that would help ensure adequate water pressure for all:

  • Reduce the settings on your irrigation system to give the minimal amount of water needed for your lawn.  Most lawns in Indiana only need 1 to 1 ½ inches of water a week.
  • Adjust your sprinkler heads to avoid watering of sidewalks, driveways and the street.
  • Run dishwashers and washing machines only when full.
  • Temporarily forego power washing and hosing down of outside sidewalks, furniture, decks etc.
  • Cover pools to reduce evaporation.

Carmel Utilities appreciates your efforts in reducing water usage as we experience these adverse weather conditions.

Sue Maki
Manager of Customer Relations & Education
City of Carmel Utilities
760 Third Avenue SW
Carmel, IN 46032