CGI Celebrates City's New Trash & Recycling Program

October 5, 2011 - Carmel continues to make great strides toward sustainability at our schools, congregations and businesses thanks to many dedicated residents and visionary leaders. The eco-buzz in Carmel is all about the City's new trash and recycling program. Carmel Green Initiative's Second Annual Meeting gave us an opportunity to celebrate this new program and thank those who made it possible. 


Trashed is informative, and yes, depressing.  But wait—there’s good news! The City of Carmel now has, for the first time in its history, a cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally responsible municipal solid waste management system for all residential customers.  No longer do individuals have to negotiate their own rubbish contracts; and Homeowner Associations can now get out of the trash business.





Carmel Green Initiative is grateful for the opportunity to team up with the Carmel Clay Public Library, the City of Carmel, Whole Foods Market, Nature’s Karma, Beth Maier Photography and America Recycles Day for the CGI 2011 Annual Meeting. Together we can make Carmel, and the world, a more beautiful and healthier place to live.



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