2012 Art Contest Winners

Thanks to all the art teacher and Girl Scout Troop leaders for participating and inspiring our youth to become more environmentally aware and energy conscious.   Many thanks to our judges for so graciously sharing their time and expertise: Jerry Points from Eye on Art Gallery, Bob Shades from ArtSplash Gallery, Patty Chester, Karen LaMere and Beth Maier.

The winners were recognized by the City of Carmel as well as Carmel Green Initiative.  Many thanks to Mayor Brainard, Nancy Heck, City of Carmel Director of Community Relations, and Alexia Donahue-Wold, Urban Planner at the City of Carmel.



Congratulations to the finalist!  Their artwork is an inspiration to all of us to care for our world.



The Earth Hour—Earth Day art contest gives our kids a voice and empowers them to make a difference through art.  Here's what the finalist said about their artwork....


First grade finalist, Sneha V. from Woodbrook said, "When I created
my masterpiece, I was thinking about how beautiful Earth will be without
all the pollution.  When people see my artwork, I want them to notice that
every time we plug in, we add to the pollution.  I believe saving energy
and protecting the planet are important because we need a happy and
healthy planet for us, our kids, our grandkids, our great grand kids and so on.


Second grade finalist, Jenna O. from Orchard Park said
"When people see my artwork, I want them to notice they should
plant things to make our earth better."


Third grade finalist, Josh C. said "I believe saving energy
and protecting the planet are important because we only have one Earth."


Inspired by recycling, fourth grade finalist Claire V. from
Carmel Elementary said "it's important to save the environment."


Fifth grade finalist, Sabryna R. from Carmel Elementary was inspired
to take care of the environment by carpooling and said it's important to
save energy because "if we used all of it we would be stuck with no energy."


Eighth grade finalist, Machenzye P. from Clay Middle School said,
"This is the beauty in our planet we are trying to protect. All you need is
inspiration and a big heart to change the world forever.  If you don't save
the planet then where would we live, what would we do.  And none of us
can even begin to imagine how horrible and disgusting our earth would
be with so much pollution because we've never been in that situation.
And if we conserve, we never will be."

And now it’s up to us to take action. What will you do?


A huge thanks to dedicated individuals for your time and talent: Alexia Donahue-Wold, Carmel Green Iniatitive Board member,  Dennis Shock, Carmel Green Initiative Board member, Monica Cannaley, Carmel Green Initiative, past board member.  Thanks also the Carmel Clay Schools for their support. You made this a fun and creative educational experience for our community.

We are especially grateful for the support from our partners, sponsors and supporters: Earth Day Network, the Carmel Arts & Design District, the City of Carmel, the Carmel Arts Council, the Evan Lurie Gallery, Whole Foods Market, Nature’s Karma of Clay Terrace, Beth Maier Photography, Eye on Art Gallery, Citizens for Greenspace, Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation, Joe’s Butcher Shop, Carmel Clay Schools, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Marie Reamer Fine Art Photographer and the World Wildlife Fund. We appreciate your guidance, assistance and inspiration!

Raising awareness about earth stewardship and energy conservation through art was made possible thanks to everyone’s generous contributions. Together, we’re building a more beautiful, healthier and sustainable community.

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