Republic to service with Compressed Natural Gas fueled trucks

July 2013 - The City of Carmel supports environmental initiatives and encourages its residents, business owners and contractors to do the same.   The City is pleased to announce that its contracted residential trash & curbside recycling service provider, Republic Services, is servicing the City of Carmel exclusively with compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks.  The City of Carmel is Republic Services’ first community in the State of Indiana to be serviced 100 percent with CNG trucks for standard residential service.

CNG fueled trucks are an environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline or diesel fuel powered vehicles.  The benefits of CNG trucks are:

  • Natural gas vehicles produce up to 95 percent less particulate matter than diesel and gasoline-powered models, up to 95 percent less carbon monoxide emissions and up to 80 percent less nitrogen oxide emissions. (U.S. Department of Energy)
  • Natural gas is found in abundance in North America. Domestic supplies are projected to last 120 years.   This reduces America’s energy dependence on foreign countries.

By converting to CNG trucks the residents of Carmel and Central Indiana will experience less air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions than with standard waste service trucks.   Currently 51 percent of Republic’s fleet has been converted to natural gas.

“We are very pleased that Republic Services chose Carmel as the first city to be exclusively serviced by CNG trucks.   As a City government, we have a policy to purchase only alternative fueled vehicles.  Republic’s decision to convert to CNG fueled trucks matches our own environmental policy,” said Mayor Jim Brainard.

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