Green Team Coordinator
Monday, 23 March 2009 23:00

Some schools are creating a dedicated PTO position for the Green Team.  For those of you that may also be considering this new position, Wendy DeLuca, Green Team at Clay Middle School and member of Carmel Green Schools Committee provided a copy of the position description they will be using at Clay. Thanks to Wendy for putting this together. Please feel free to modify and adapt the description to meet your school's needs. We welcome your input and suggestions.

PTO Board Position Title: Green Team Coordinator

The Board Member responsible for the Green Team shall:

  • Be the coordinator for the school's Green Team
  • Attend all "Green Schools Workshops" put on by the Carmel Green Schools Committee
  • Work with the Green School's Committee to come up with ideas to promote green practices and awareness in Carmel Clay Schools
  • Work with the school's staff, students and parents to adopt green practices in the school
  • Act as coordinator for any green projects within the school initiated by the school's Green Team
  • Submit articles for school newsletter with updates/tips from the Green Schools Workshops & Committee