Oppose HB 1053 Plastic Protection Bill
Rep Lucas, a cosponsor of the bill, has a plastic bag recycler in his district.

Position: CGI opposes HB 1053.  
CGI supports policies that build a more sustainable community, and opposes the ones that don't.

1) On Jan. 19, HB 1053 passed out of the House government and regulatory reform committee with a 10-2 vote.  No Hamilton County representatives sit on this committee. To view the archived video of the hearing, click here and select Jan. 19th, testimony for HB 1053 begins at 48:33 min.

2) On Jan. 25, HB 1053 cleared House with a 61-32 vote. All Hamilton County representatives supported this bill.

3) On Feb. 11, HB 1053 passed out of the Senate Commerce & Technology committee with a 6-4 vote.  Disappointingly, Hamilton County senators Delph and Merrit voted for this bill in committee.

4) On Feb. 23, HB 1053 cleared the Senate with a 38-12 vote.  All Hamilton County senators supported this bill.

What's Next: HB 1053 goes to Gov. Pence.

Take Action: Please ask Gov. Pence to VETO on HB1053 to protect Home Rule, a city's right to govern itself. Cities and towns should determine what is best for their own communities.  Let him know why this is important to you.

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About the bill: HB 1053 infringes on Home Rule authority and prohibits cities & towns from regulating or imposing any prohibition or fee on plastic bags or bottles. The bill is written very broadly, so it doesn't specifically say plastic bags or plastic bottles.  Instead they are referred to as "reusable or disposable auxiliary containers."

The plastic bag manufacturers and plastic bag recyclers are trying to protect their business. Bloomington citizens are currently in the process of petitioning their city to ban single-use plastic bags as so many cities and countries around the world have done.  HB 1053 would prohibit cities from taking such action.

HB 1053 is an attack on Home Rule, a city's right to govern itself. Cities and towns should determine what is best for their own communities.  This bill handcuffs local governments and is a slippery slope.




  • Citizens Action Coalition
  • Association of Indiana Counties
  • Indiana Association of Cities and Towns
  • Hoosier Environmental Council



  • Nobelex, recycling business, employs 275 in southeast Indiana
  • Indiana Restaurant and Lodging Association
  • Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association
  • Indiana Vending Association
  • Indiana Retail Council
  • Indiana Grocery & Convenience Stores
  • Indiana Chamber of Commerce