Sustainable Living Seminar: Water...Connecting the Drops

Wednesday, May 18, 2016      CityWaterTower
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Carmel Clay Public Library
55 4th Avenue Southeast, Carmel, IN 46032

Waterthe most precious of life’s commodities.  Something we can’t live without and all take for granted.   It is our right to have clean drinking water to sustain us.  We need to cherish and conserve this precious necessity for all life.   Find out where our drinking water comes from and what Carmel and each individual can do to protect it.  See what the impact of climate change is having on our water system.   Learn aboutCityWaterBluePumps the state of our ground water and its impact of economic development.  Learn about how to save water and money with your sprinkler system.  Find out what happens when we have a heavy rain and how it impacts your storm drainage system.  Learn about the state of the water in Indiana from our expert panel and what you can do to help.  CityWaterHoosierWaterGardian




These topics will be addressed by our expert panel:

Sue Maki, Carmel Utilities Manager of Environmental Initiatives and Education

John Thomas, Carmel Storm Water Administrator

Jill Hoffman, White River Alliance Executive Director.

Claire Lane, Urban conservationist from the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District, will talk about free programs offered to help Hamilton County residents improve their property.  Financial assistance is also available for some of their programs.

Free raffle giveaways including a rain barrel (value $99). Thanks to a donation by City of Carmel.



State of the Waters

  • Water cycle basics
  • Threats, current conditions, changing future conditions

Carmel’s surface water resources & connections

  • Major streams & how ponds, ditches & infrastructure connect
  • How drainage is managed & regulated
  • What the city does to reduce non point pollution & flooding

Carmel treated water & embedded energy

  • Source of Carmel drinking water & well head protection efforts
  • Carmel water treatment facility
  • Embedded energy on water

Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District

  • Free Programs
  • Financial Assistance

Other things you can do to protect water supplies & quality

  • Clear Choices clean water campaign
  • White River Festival & volunteer opportunities


Ensuring the Resilience of our future Water and Energy Systems, EPA, 2014

Rain Gardens with Native Plantings
Detention Pond with Native Plantings
Pervious Pavers