CarmelFest Pitches in for Energy Independence

CarmelFest Recycling %copy; Margot GibsonIndiana has one of the highest per capita trash in the country.  Recycling avoids the landfill as well as saves energy and resources.  Recycling aluminum saves a whopping 95 percent of the energy needed to produce aluminum from bauxite ore, according to the Aluminum Association.

While the energy savings for recycling plastic are more modest, over 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to manufacture a year's supply of bottled water - enough oil to fuel 100,000 cars.  As you know, oil is a non-renewable resource and a significant portion of it comes from 'unfriendly' countries.  Festival-goers may not always make the connection between energy independence and recycling, but they did their part to pitch in!

Carmel Green Initiative commends Carmelfest's eco-friendly efforts and the great teamwork!  And thanks to Margot Gibson, Recycling Committee Chair and volunteers, Sue Maki, Chad Landrum, MaryEllen St. Angelo, and Joe, Irene, Lauren, and PJ Gibson that helped set up and take down the recycling bins.

Leslie Webb, President of Carmel Green Initiative