City of Carmel Considering City-provided Residential Trash and Recycling

June 2009 - Mayor Brainard has formed a Trash Advisory Committee to look into the feasibility of city-provided trash and recycle trash service for Carmel residents.  To determine if this is reasonable and cost-efficient, City of Carmel Utilities put together a Trash Survey to investigate the current costs and details related to curbside trash and recycling service.  Although the mayor's office and committee have compiled preliminary survey results, the survey will remain available at City of Carmel Residential Trash Survey.

Noblesville, Zionsville, and Westfield all provide successful citywide curbside residential trash and recycling service for their residents.  The benefit of such a program would be for Carmel residents to take advantage of group-pricing, which will result in reduced trash fees for many homes and free curbside recycling for all.  Reduced garbage truck traffic will improve neighborhood safety, reduce air and noise pollution, and decrease wear-and-tear on our streets.