Leo Berry Receives Brilliant Firefly Award

Leo Berry Receives Brilliant Firefly Award

Leo Berry, 11 years old, was awarded Indiana’s Brilliant Firefly Award for his engagement in the legislative process, as well as his dedication and devotion to protecting the environment through his leadership with the student-led non-profit Helping Ninjas!

Huge thanks to State Senator J.D. Ford for nominating Leo.

Yet, despite Leo’s strong advocacy as well as overwhelming opposition from many environmental organizations, Gov. Holcomb signed SB389 into law.

We applaud these Hamilton County legislators for voting against the anti-wetlands bill: Senators J.D. Ford (D), Qaddoura (D), and Walker (R) and Representative Schaibley (R).

We’re disappointed in the votes for the anti-wetlands bill by Senators Baldwin (R) and Buck (R), and Representatives Cook (R), Jeter (R), Goodrich (R), Huston (R), and Torr (R).