About Carmel Green Initiative

About Carmel Green Initiative
Carmel Green Initiative is a coalition of citizens and community groups who promote and support the City of Carmel’s commitment to reducing our impact on the environment and meeting the climate challenge.
Our goals include:

reducing energy waste,

promoting clean, renewable, and smart energy solutions, and

educating the public.

Our collective action as good stewards will improve the quality of life in Carmel, Indiana and the natural environment of our world.

Our Mission
Carmel Green Initiative is dedicated:

  • To building a sustainable community through collaboration and partnerships with the City of Carmel, as well as Carmel schools, congregations, businesses, community groups and homeowners.
  • To creating awareness and understanding of the connection between Carmel citizens and our impact on the environment so we may leave the world a better place.
  • To promoting and supporting the City of Carmel’s commitment to carbon reduction initiatives, as stated in the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement signed by Mayor Brainard.
  • To reducing energy waste and pollution, thereby cutting our dependence on fossil fuels, benefiting public health and saving money.
  • To inspiring individuals to take small actions, which cumulatively can significantly increase the sustainability of our local and global resources. To promote and support policies and legislation that affect local environmental sustainability.

2024 Initiatives

In addition to our ongoing educational programs, such as the sustainable living seminars, drafting articles for the Carmel Current and the annual Earth Day Art Contest, Carmel Green Initiative has identified the following as top priorities for 2023:

  • Enhance current public educational programs to include businesses, homeowner associations, schools, and congregations as outlined in the City of Carmel’s Climate Action Plan,
  • Continue to advocate at the local and state level for legislation and ordinances that will build a more sustainable community,
  • Educate Carmel citizens and businesses on the Inflation Reduction Act including tax incentives and rebates, and
  • Grow Carmel Green Initiative membership and volunteerism.
  • Partner with Carmel High School Green Action Club to promote rooftop solar on Carmel Clay school buildings.

We also invite you to join us. There are many ways to get involved.


  • Dennis Shock
  • George Schentzke
  • Miranda Frausto
  • Felipe Martinez Guimaraes
  • Karen Otis
  • Elizabeth Baach
  • Maddie Adkins
  • Mason Yao
  • Katie Gao
  • Charles Liang
  • Jose Ortuzar
  • Monica Cannaley
  • Maanya Rajesh
  • Alex Workman
  • Julien Doty


Email Madelyn at mzalon@carmelgreen.org