The new climate report put out by America’s leading authority on climate change is now available.

“In the 1980s, the country experienced, on average, one (inflation-adjusted) billion-dollar disaster every four months. Now, there is one every three weeks, on average.”

This is the increase in severe weather for Indiana

Indiana is addressing climate change for the first time, thanks to an EPA grant made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act.  A $3M planning grant was awarded to the Indiana Dept of Environmental Management (IDEM) to develop a Climate Action Plan for the state.  Indiana is one of 46 states developing/updating its climate action plan. Grant requirements include reducing pollution while also building the economy and benefiting communities.

  • A priority climate action plan (PCAP) is due to EPA by March 1, 2024.
  • Indiana will then be eligible to compete for $4.6 billion in additional funding to implement its climate action plan, making this a big opportunity to bring federal funding to the state to achieve carbon pollution reductions.  Application for the CPRG Phase 2 Implementation Grants General Competition is due to EPA by April 1, 2024.


  1. IDEM hired ClimeCo consultants to help manage the process and develop the plan.
  2. Gov website:
  3. Presentation given at public meetings in Oct/Nov:  PowerPoint Statewide CPRG Meeting
  4. List of actions initially considered:  Draft Action List [XLSX]
  5. Explanation for selecting a short list:  Methodology for Identifying and Evaluating Draft Action List [PDF]
  6. Online survey for community input closed Nov 29. Results will be shared late January.
  7. CGI met with IDEM on Dec 4 to to explore how the Indiana CAP can help the Carmel CAP.
  8. On Dec 15, IDEM issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the implementation grant and a revised Priority Climate Action Plan (Appendix A), details below.

Does your sustainability project align with Indiana’s CAP?

This is an excerpt of IDEM’s priority CAP (Appendix A) that would pertain to CITIES, SCHOOLS, BUSINESSES and NONPROFITS. If your project falls into any of these categories, find out how to apply for funding below.

SectorMeasureQuantified Actions (PCAP draft 12/15/2023)
(2) Residential and Commercial Buildings
Increase residential and commercial building energy efficiency   –  Building retrofits and weatherization for energy efficiency improvements
–  Insulation improvements
–  Heating fuel electrification / heat pumps
–  LED lighting
–  Other
(3) Transportation
Accelerate adoption of electric vehicles and technology–  Electrify light-duty vehicles in state/city fleets
–  Electrify light-duty vehicles
(EV school buses?)
Reduce VMT–  Enhance high occupant vehicle travel options
–  Expand public transit
–  Enhance pedestrian and bike pathways
(5)Waste & Materials Management Increase landfill diversion  –  Increase diversion rate of organic waste from landfill including food recovery
(6) Electric Generation
Solar  –  Expand addition solar options including community/distributed/on-site solar programs and battery storage
(7) Agriculture / Natural & Working Lands  Increase carbon sequestration capacity & tree cover  –  Expand green spaces/urban tree canopy  
(8) Agriculture / Natural & Working Lands Increase carbon sequestration capacity– Expand implementation of agriculture best practices (crop and livestock management)

IDEM issued a request for proposals:

WHO CAN APPLY: Municipalities, local governments, non-profit organizations, and private sector companies that IDEM may partner with to receive funding under the CPRG Phase 2 Implementation Grants General Competition program.

WHAT: Projects that align with IDEM’s priority Climate Action Plan (See Appendix A).

SELECTION CRITERIA: GHG reduction, cost effectiveness and shovel ready Fall 2024. 
If chosen, you are agreeing to enter into a contract with IDEM to implement the chosen project.

APPLICATION-PROJECT INTAKE: Indiana CPRG Project Intake Proposal [PDF]
The application is on a very tight schedule…
– Part 1 is due Jan 15, 2024
– Part 2 is due Feb 15, 2024
Questions? Contact (317) 233 – 8470

STACKABLE: This CPRG implementation grant is stackable with other forms of funding (such as a tax credit) which would make your sustainability project very attractive.  You would just need to let them know through the application what percentage of funding is being requested or what other forms of funding you are pursuing/have pursued. HOWEVER, the CPRG implementation grant money cannot be used to meet matching requirements for other federal funds.

Additional Funding Resources

OED Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants

  • OED is administering a block grants for local governments through the Infrastructure Bill. OED: EECBG Program (
  • Covers projects up to 2 years.
  • The formula portion includes Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield and other cities and towns.

CIRDA Regional Climate Action Plan

  • The Central Indiana Regional Development Authority is working on a climate action plan, also through EPA IRA and on the same timeline as, but separate from IDEM statewide plan.  The have hired ERM to manage the grant and develop a CAP.

Additional Advocacy Resources

Additional Climate Resources