Green Gift Shop Vendor Information

Thanks for your interest in the Green Gift Shop. Our goal is to offer green holiday shopping options to make gift-giving a little greener and more gentle on the Earth!

We encourage you to read this vendor information BEFORE filling out the application

What are the Green Gift Shop hours, location and dates?

Click here to visit the Green Gift Shop webpage for details.

What products/services are permitted for sale?

Products/Services must be environmentally-friendly in some way.  The purpose of the Green Gift Shop is to provide families with a green alternative to holiday shopping and gift-giving.  Your products/services must be local, organic, natural, recycled, reused, repurposed or environmentally-friendly in some way to qualify for the Green Gift Shop. We are open to consider other ways in which a product or service is eco-friendly – just let us know in your application.

Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted at the Carmel library.

Are there other facts I should know?

  • Vendors will be able to display and sell their products to the public and keep their profits.
  • Vendors must have an education component to help attendees learn how your products or services are eco-friendly.
  • One 5’ display table with 2 chairs will be provided.  There are also a few 8″ tables that might be available upon request.
  • Vendor name will be listed on the Carmel Green Initiative event web page.
  • Wifi is available.
  • Electricity is available to limited tables.  If you need access to electricity, please let us know.  Bring an extension cord.
  • Vendors must agree to be at the Green Gift Shop the entire time.
  • Vendors may unload at the main entrance by the circle.  Click here to see unloading directions & map.
  • There is no cost to participate but all vendors are required to become members of Carmel Green Initiative for this year.  See how to become a member below.

What are the details in regards to new vendors?

  • Vendors from previous years, whom we invite back and become, Carmel Green Initiative members by October 1st will be allowed to choose their spaces. See how to become a member below.
  • Carmel Green Initiative reserves the right to place or move Vendors at tables if necessary.
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  • Carmel Green Initiative will analyze what we need at the Green Gift Shop in the way of products & services … what we have too much of, what we don’t have enough of, etc.  Vendors will be selected based on the entire range of products/services they wish to sell. Our goal is to offer a variety of green gift options for visitors and make it profitable for our vendors.

How can I become a member?

  • While there is no fee to participate in the Green Gift Shop, vendors are required to join Carmel Green Initiative annually to support our programs.
  • There are several membership levels, however you can become a member for as little as $25.
  • Click here to become a member.


  • If you would like to be considered, please fill out the application, providing as much information as possible. Please remember that filling out the form does not mean that you have been selected.
  • If you filled out a vendor application before and your products are the same, you do not need to fill one out again.  Just renew your Carmel Green Initiative membership for the current year and let us know you want to participate!
  • Click here to apply.

Thanks again for your interest in the Green Gift Shop!

If interested, please contact Madelyn at or call 317-459-2150.