Celebrate our Earth through Art!

Create a friendly message to care for our Earth!
This contest is open to K-8 students, scouts, youth clubs, non-profit & religious youth groups.

Info Packets will be available
Jan. 9 – Feb. 9
Art entries are due by
Fri. Feb. 16, 5 p.m.
Community Exhibits

Mar 20 – May 1
Award Ceremony
April 28

***Packets are no longer available***

Stay tuned for the community exhibits!

Youth will learn about energy conservation and environmental stewardship through art to encourage sustainable living at home, schools, congregations, businesses and throughout the community.

This community education initiative draws on the energy conservation message of Earth Hour and the earth stewardship message of Earth Day to emphasize the important connection between saving energy, saving money and caring for our beautiful blue planet. We incorporate environmental educational content from E.P.A. Energy Star Schools to inspire youth to save energy through simple actions such as turning off lights, the TV, the computer and other electronics when leaving the room.

Indiana gets almost all of its electricity from coal, the greatest source of air, water and global warming pollution. For Hoosiers, saving electricity is one of the easiest ways to save money and be good stewards of the earth.  While the emphasis is on saving electricity, we also invite youth to use their imagination and express other ways to protect the environment.

We thank you for your interest in participating with your child, classroom or youth group. Doing something simple is a powerful way to show you care about protecting the planet for young people.

Questions? Please contact us at artcontest@carmelgreen.org, and put “Art Contest” in the subject line.