Celebrate our Earth through Art!

2022 Earth Day Art Contest

Create a friendly message to care for our Earth for your Earth Day Postcard. For K-12 students, scouts, youth clubs, non-profit & religious youth groups.


Contest Rules Packet available January 11 – February 11
Art entries due by Friday, February 18, 5 p.m.
Mayor Brainard will recognize winners – TBD

Please click here to request a PACKET!
The packet includes a lesson plan and contest rules.

This community education initiative draws on the energy conservation message of Earth Hour and the earth stewardship message of Earth Day to emphasize the important connection between saving energy, saving money and caring for our beautiful blue planet. We incorporate environmental educational content from E.P.A. Energy Star Schools to inspire youth to save energy through simple actions such as turning off lights, the TV, the computer and other electronics when leaving the room.

Indiana gets almost all of its electricity from coal, the greatest source of water, air  and global warming pollution. For Hoosiers, saving electricity is one of the easiest ways to save money and be good stewards of the earth.  While the emphasis is on saving electricity, we also invite youth to use their imagination and express other ways to protect the environment.

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2021 Earth Day Art Contest

Almost 150 youth from 14 schools, scout troops, and faith groups submitted eco-friendly artwork for the 9th annual Earth Hour—Earth Day Art Contest.  This brings the total to about 4,350 students since we started the program in 2010.

The recognition ceremony was held on May 20, 2021 at Carmel City Hall.  Congrats to the winners!  This year’s finalists include Hannah Holtsclaw, Benjamin Shultz, Vivian Jordan, Evelyn Sherman, Madison Bowser, Hannah Williams, Alexandria Marble and Mira Modglin.  Semi-finalists include Lucas Cohee, Simone Downer, Lauren Fairman, Aadhya Khosa, Elizabeth LeVora, Macy Eltz, Bailey Watson, Graham Marble, Cadence Hamlett, Isabelle Filardo, and Claire Covey.  Honorable Mention include Olive Grogg, Coco Shneyderov, Yeeko Li, Kaleb Ghaim, Parker Cobb, Davin Song, Bailey Scarlett Burns, Amber, Haylee Bolster, Elliot Koziura, Claira Rood, Yeonwoo Kim, Gavin Rendell, Carley Hunter, and Akshita Saini.

Thanks to Beth Maier for these awesome photos!!!

Many thanks to Our Partners, Sponsors & Friends!

This is an awesome program thanks to strong community support!

A huge thanks to Linda Downer for stepping up to help manage this wonderful program!!!Thanks to our panel of judges!

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Exhibits give our youth a voice, empowering them
to inspire our community to live more sustainably.