Youth Advocacy

The Promise Project is Carmel Green Initiative‚Äôs youth advocacy program to ask community leaders to keep their promise to protect the future for youth.  The Promise Project is for youth, ages 8-18, who want to do something big about climate change through civic engagement.   Youth will learn how government works and meet elected officials.  They will discover their voice to create lasting change and become more confident, engaged adult citizens.

Promise Project 1

2015-2019 – Youth Leaders met with the mayor and city councilors to write and advocate for a climate resolution. They testified at a city council meeting about why climate action is so important to them as young people. In 2017, the Carmel City Council voted unanimously in favor of the resolution, making Carmel the first Indiana city to adopt a climate resolution.  In 2019, the City conducted its first GHG inventory.

Promise Project 2

2020-ongoing – Having established a climate resolution and GHG inventory, the next step is to develop a climate action plan. Youth Leaders will advocate for an effective climate action plan to protect their future.

Other Youth Advocacy

CONFRONT THE CLIMATE CRISIS Is a statewide, student led effort demanding that Indiana politicians act on climate NOW! These amazing youth leaders worked with State Senator Ron Alting to craft a climate resolution and bill which will be introduced in the 2022 Indiana Legislative Session.

Help get this legislation passed…