255 youth from grades Kindergarten through High School from 20 schools, after school programs, green teams, congregations, scout troops and home schoolers submitted eco-friendly artwork for the 10th annual Earth Hour—Earth Day Art Contest. Youth learn about energy conservation and environmental stewardship through art to encourage energy savings at home, schools, congregations, and businesses.  More than 4,600 youth have participated since we started the program in 2010.

Mayor Jim Brainard recognized the winners & semi-finalists on May 3, 2022 at Carmel City Hall.  And the winners are Pravindi Dharmarathne, Hannah Holtsclaw, Emma Spahn, Angela Wang, Leah Adal, Edward Copsey, Madison Bowser, Skylar Welch, and Mira Modglin!  Semi-finalists include Caroline McCaw, Hunter Kramarz, Aadhya Sama, Lilianna Hotten, Cordelia Bridgeman, Vivian Jordan, Aria Williamson, Maxwell Dutton, Jonah Mindham, Lauren Habegger, Evan Griesenauer, Allie List, Prudence Peng, Sadie Kenison, Julia Herstein, Rachel Mehle, Ben Howard, Hala Pietranczyk, and Lucy Pike. Honorable Mention include Kayla Aba, Bria Adams, Savannah Badger, Zelia Bancroft, Amy Blacker, Bailey Burns, Harris Catlin, Maggie Crislip, Cameron Forgey, Abigail Gregg, Layla Holmes, Reece Hughes, Ruth Huljak, Cali Hynds, Lainey Kanzinger, Sydney Kern, Wren Kuznarsky, Dominic Laderach, Ada Lopez, Luuk Mora, Raina Muellner, Eleanor Purvis, Advaitha Satishkumar, Faith Stewart, Will Taylor and Stella Zeckel.

2022 Earth Day Art Contest Winners
Front Row: Hannah Holtsclaw, 1st gr, Emma Spahn, 2nd gr, Angela Wang, 3rd gr, Leah Adal, 4th gr, Pravindi Dharmarathne, Kindergarten
Back Row: Linda Downer, Madison Bowser, 6th gr, Mira Modglin, 11th gr, Edward Copsey, 5th gr, Skylar Welch, 7th gr, and Mayor Jim Brainard.

“My artwork is inspired by the movie WALL-E …
The humans don’t take care of Earth and they can’t even live on it anymore. 
I don’t want that to happen, so I am asking people
to do their best to throw away their trash
and I will do the same.” 
Emma S.
2nd Grade Winner 
“When people see my artwork, I want them to notice that when I drew this,
I didn’t draw it for any random reason and I want everyone to try and help the earth”
Angela W.
3rd Grade Winner
“When people see my artwork, I want them to notice the electric car
and the light switch powered by SOLAR POWER.” 
Leah A.
4th Grade Winner 
“I believe saving energy and protecting the planet are important because
we need healthy foods, cleaner air and a world that is green and beautiful.” 
Eddie C.
5th Grade Winner
“Without earth we wouldn’t be here. 
We must protect it for the millions of species that can’t” 
Skylar W.
7th Grade Winner

This is an awesome program thanks to strong community support!   Many thanks to teachers, parents, religious youth leaders, green team leaders and girl scout troop leaders for working with our youth on this important environmental education program.  Thanks to our judges for lending your expertise: Mary Jane Roth, Celestine Donnelly and Ken Rabbers. Special thanks to volunteers who make the program possible: Monica Cannaley, Cindy Muse, Madelyn Zalon, Richard Lopez, Alex Workman, and Indrani Sarkar and her family.  And a huge thanks to Linda Downer for managing the art contest and coordinating with everyone!