Promise Project 2

The City of Carmel adopts a Climate Action Plan

The Promise Project reached its second milestone on August 1, 2022 when the Carmel City Council voted unanimously to adopt a Climate Action Plan for the City of Carmel. The plan shows our city’s commitment to protecting the quality of life for young people.

Carmel’s Climate Action Plan consists of 42 strategies, representing a “menu” of things the City could do to further reduce carbon emissions.  It’s an important next step to build on what the City has already done under Mayor Jim Brainard’s leadership to reduce the City’s carbon pollution, save energy and save tax dollars.  Our city continues to be leaders in Indiana!

The plan was developed with input from department heads and The Gnarly Tree Sustainability Institute, and builds on the Greenhouse Gas Inventory conducted in 2019.

This was possible because of great team work: the City staff and consultants who drafted the plan, the department heads and stakeholders who reviewed it and provided input, the amazing students who met with the Mayor and City Council for Promise Project 1 & Promise Project 2, climate educators, moral leaders, those who made public comments at the council meeting/emailed council members, and all who signed the petition.  Everyone’s contributions made a difference!!!

Click here to visit Carmel’s Climate Action Plan dashboard.

Extreme heat deadliest weather hazard in state, Julien Doty, July 2022
Climate change helps invasive species thrive, Jillian Moore, July 2022
Carmel Climate Action Plan takes next steps, Current in Carmel, August 2022

Promise Project and Green Action Club Youth Leaders offered public comments in support of a climate action plan on June 20, 2022.

“We’re so proud of these young people for stepping up to raise their voices on the most important issue of our time. And we’re grateful for CGI’s partnership with the Green Action Club.” said Leslie Webb, president, Carmel Green Initiative.



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