Promise Project 2

Carmel Conducts Its First Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Youth Ask For Meaningful Carbon Reductions

In 2019, the City conducted its first ever Greenhouse Gas Inventory to get a baseline measure of citywide emissions.  It’s important because it shows the quantity and source of emissions. It tells us how much and where carbon dioxide is coming from. The inventory was completed by Miranda Frausto, Sustainability Intern for the City of Carmel, with support from IU Environmental Resilience Institute. Carmel’s inventory is found on pg 7 in this report: IU 2019 Resilience Cohort Results, Carmel.  You can also read about it on pg 7 in the Current in Carmel

The inventory helps to identify areas that should be addressed and enables the City to establish targets and a timeline for a climate action plan – the next step in Carmel’s Climate Resolution. Promise Project Youth Leaders will meet with public officials to ask they adopt an effective & legally-binding climate action plan to protect their future.  See below to get involved.

Promise Project Youth Leaders met with Mayor Brainard in October 2021 to ask for meaningful carbon reductions to protect their future.

“Our young people are counting on their leaders to make the right decisions to protect their future.  We’re so proud of our Youth Leaders for stepping and raising their voices on such an important issue,” said Leslie Webb, president of Carmel Green Initiative and adult mentor for the Promise Project.



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