February 2024 Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Go green to show your kids and grandkids some love. Here are some green updates, programs and events…

Climate Tipping Points
Climate change is undeniable. 2023 was the hottest year on land and in the ocean, see CarbonBrief overview. The Panama Canal was low due to drought. Though it’s hard to imagine, every fraction of a degree of additional warming will make extreme weather even more severe and brings the world closer to irreversible tipping points.  One of those tipping points is the collapse of the Atlantic Ocean circulation. A recent report that caught my attention found that the Atlantic Ocean circulation has declined and is on track toward an abrupt shift. This would have dire implications for humanity. Let this newsletter inspire you to action!  The good news is that climate solutions are everywhere.

Go Green & Save   
The Inflation Reduction Act has many tax credits to help you move away from fossil fuels, such as insulating your home, replacing a gas furnace with an electric heat pump, installing solar or purchasing an electric vehicle. These investments are good for your pocketbook and the planet.  Learn more.

Catch Up on Environmental Bills at the Statehouse 
Join us this Thurs. Feb. 15, 6 p.m. at the Carmel Clay Public Library for a Mid-Session Legislative Update. Sam Carpenter, executive director of the Hoosier Environmental Council will provide an update on key environmental, climate, and energy bills as they crossover between the House and Senate and learn what you can do to make a positive difference in the second half of the session.    Learn more and RSVP  

Solar for Carmel Clay Schools 
Climate change is the biggest threat to our student’s future.  CCS is one of the largest sources of carbon pollution in Carmel and so it has a moral obligation to do something about it. We believe it’s time for CCS to invest in solar.  Solar saves energy dollars that can be redirected to the classroom, it brings hands-on STEM learning experience for students and it protects the future for students by reducing our school’s carbon emissions.  Fishers, Noblesville and Sheridan schools have solar.  Schools across the country are going solar, and now the Inflation Reduction Act includes incentives to make solar more affordable for schools as well as homes, businesses and cities.  If you support solar for CCS, please sign the petition.

Earth Day Art Contest
The Earth Day Art Contest is a fun way to celebrate our Earth through art while learning about sustainable living!  Friendly-reminder: entries due this Friday, Feb. 16.  Learn more.

Easy Ways to Go Green
Make sustainability your top priority. Everything we do impacts our earth in some way. Change habits that will improve our environment. We can do this together!  Here’s how to calculate your household carbon footprint and some easy ways to go green.

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Leslie Webb
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